Insight is the first step towards

Creating the Life You Want

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Welcome to my website.  I am so glad you’re here! If you are looking for a new perspective on life, you are in the right place. Through understanding how our mental life works, we can heal on many levels.

I believe that every person has innate health within them. We all have challenges in our life, I am no different than you. I know what it feels like to struggle daily with fear, pain and dissatisfaction with life. I have never met anyone who when they were suffering, didn’t want to feel better. There is hope! You can feel better. You can create the life you want now!

I coach through the lens of the Principles of Resilience.  These Principles are the foundation of human mental life. There is a logic built into human mental experience. When you insight-fully see the actual moment in time where your thought is creating your life, everything changes.  This one insight has the power to help you to create the life you want.

The Principles of Resilience

The Three Principles describe how mental life works. They give us a new perspective on life, and it helps us discover what we are about. It sheds light onto why things are the way they are in our life. It also helps us navigate our life with greater ease.

The Principles of: Mind, Thought and Consciousness, are the three elements that make up a paradigm.

  • Mind is not brain, it is not a thing or a thought, it is a power. The power of mental life. It is the catalyst of our experiences.
  • Thought is our ability to recognize the principles, and mental life. Our personal thought gives us our experiences.
  • Consciousness is our tangible awareness of life. Our awareness that we think, along with our thoughts, feelings, senses and emotions. This allows us to have an experience of life.

The Three Principles are profoundly connected and cannot be separated. They are ALL absolutely necessary for us to have existence.

The Principles come to light when we have insight about how they work. The best way to understand is to listen with an ear to hear something new. Listening is the willingness to be changed by what you hear. The willingness to be touched by or changed by what you hear..

We sometimes think that there is no hope.

We may feel broken, and suffer mentally and/or physically.

It may not seem like it, but we are never truly broken. We just think we are.

We can have insight into our own resilience. It means something to us, helps us.

Insights are profound each person, they affect every aspect of our being.

When an insight changes a person on that level, we have now experienced a truth, and…

Truth sets us free

How I can help

In a coaching relationship there is a bond or connection that is not like other relationships. A coach is invested in helping you find your insights. Know that when an insight comes it is a time for celebration because it has deep meaning for many aspects of your life.

Insight is the goal of all coaching.

The coach is the witness to this experience and helps the client validate their experience. Being able to have conversations about such things is not common. But it can be,

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