Insight is the first step towards

Creating the Life You Want

Hi there!

I am so glad you’re here! If you are looking for a new perspective on life, you are in the right place.

I help Nurses & Health Professionals get the most out of life.

“I bring Resilience with me”

I know what it feels like to struggle daily with fear, pain and dissatisfaction with life. Whether you are suffering or just want something better There is hope! You can feel better.

You can create the life you want now!

I coach through the lens of the Principles of Resilience.  These Principles are the foundation of mental life, and they are the key to change.

With the right insight, everything changes.

Principles Based Nurse Coaching

The Principles of Resilience
  are Life‑changing.

The Principles:

  • Describe how mental life works.
  • Give us a new perspective on life.
  • Help us navigate life with greater ease.

The Principles have the power to change your life, and your nursing profession.

That’s why I offer Principles-based Nurse Coaching.

The Principles will open doors for you, and I can be your guide.

How I can help

In a coaching relationship there is a bond or connection that is not like other relationships. A coach is invested in helping you find your insights. Know that when an insight comes it is a time for celebration because it has deep meaning for many aspects of your life.

Insight is the goal of all coaching.

The coach is the witness to this experience and helps the client validate their experience. Being able to have conversations about such things is not common. But it can be,

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