Teresa Walding

How Mental Life is Created

The Principles of Resilience Throughout history great thinkers have tried to explain how we experience life. Or more precisely what our mental life looks like, not how it is created in the first place. I will attempt to show you how it has always been created, every moment of every day, that is the life …

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Releasing Chronic Pain

*originally published in AHNA’s “Beginnings” magazine. In 2012, 25 million U.S. adults reported experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis (Nahin, 2015). A study funded by the Institute of Medicine has estimated that the cost of chronic pain in the United States ranges from $560 to $635 billion a year in medical treatments and lost …

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Life Changing Experience

Testimony – LS March 1, 2018 is a not the beginning of my testimony but a defining date on the calendar, where I reached my point of desperation and cried out to God for relief or change or deliverance. I am the wife of a vet with PTSD and my husband was asked by the …

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