The Principles of Resilience

The Principles of Resilience

The principles provide deep insights.

The principles describe mental life. They give us a new perspective on life, and help us discover ourselves. They shed light on why things are the way they are in our life.

Teresa Walding offers Principles-based Nurse Coaching grounded in these principles because of the insight and structure that they provide.

Teresa Walding, Board-Certified Nurse Coach
Teresa Walding

The principles are a paradigm

The elements of this paradigm are: MindThought & Consciousness.

  • Mind is not the brain, it is not a thing or a thought, it is a power. The power of mental life. It is the catalyst of our experiences.
  • Thought is our ability to recognize the principles, and mental life. Our personal thought gives us our experiences.
  • Consciousness is our tangible awareness of life. Our awareness that we think, along with our thoughts, feelings, senses, and emotions. This allows us to have an experience of life.

These principles cannot be separated.

They are ALL absolutely necessary for us to have existence.

The Principles come to light when we have insight about how they work. The best way to understand is to listen with an ear to hear something new. Listening is the willingness to be changed by what you hear. The willingness to be touched by or changed by what you hear..

We may feel hopeless.

We may feel broken, we may suffer mentally and physically.

Despite our feelings we are never truly broken. We just think we are.

Seeing the truth helps

We can have insight into our own resilience. It means something to us, helps us.

Insights are profound and unique to each individual, they affect every aspect of our life.

When an insight changes a person on that level, we have now experienced a truth, and…

Truth sets us free

Ready to discover your truths?

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