Nursing from the Heart Webinar: A New Approach in Nursing.

Nurses who feel the calling for a more meaningful life…

This is an 8-week course to give you a new perspective in nursing.

Maja Hofstetter, RN
Teresa Walding, RN

We are here to give you an experience of innate health and resilience. If you are open to it.

Maybe you already know that patients are more than just bodies and behavior.

There is an intelligence behind it!

The Resilience Principles Paradigm opens up the door to new solutions in health and healthcare.


Starts February 19th.

Sundays, February 19th to April 16

We invite you to take a break from your busy life and get refueled.

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This Course is for Nurses who…

Are tired and want to make a change in the broken healthcare system.

Desire more out of their nursing career and out of life.

Experience burnout and need consistent self-care.

Crave a deeper connection with themselves and with their patients.

Gaining an
understanding of the Resilience Principles can improve your whole life.

In this course, we spend time with the
“Implications NOT Applications”
of the Resilience Principles Paradigm Framework and
discover the innate health and well-being which lies within.

Join us in this dynamic conversation

For Insights & Breakthrough thinking

What you get!

  • 8-week Live, 2-hour Immersion
  • We create a safe space to explore your wisdom
  • Live Q & A – share your insights!
  • Interactive private Facebook group
  • Access to ALL our favorite resources
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Nursing Course Contents

Each call will start with one by one of eight quotes from

“The Resilience Principles Paradigm”

by Dr. Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe, 2015,


Flat earth thinking is believing a system works in a way that it actually does not

We will share our own insights about this and how it relates to nursing. Everything has changed and keeps changing for us in our jobs and roles as nurses and humans.

You are invited to share your own experience from hospitals, home care, etc.

Together we will explore the wisdom in you and hold a space for transformation.

Your Coaches

Maja Hofstetter

Maja Hofstetter

“What I really cherish about Maja is her medical knowledge together with her peaceful listening. She deeply trusts my innate health to be in charge of my body. Just talking to her made me recover fast from my recent heart-surgery. I want my doctors and nurses to learn this.”

– Tine, Denmark

I am a transformational nurse coach and my mission is to bring health and well-being to nurses and health-care globally. Through my own transformation, I experienced how health is not as complicated as I learned in nurse-college. Happiness showed up out of nowhere when I was having the hardest time of my life. With pain and arthritis, and social problems, thinking this was the end of my life. After a couple of weeks of happiness, provided by my innate health coach, Omar Ben Moussa, the pain vanished. And all the other mental, social or health related problems have gone all the same.

I have been a nurse for twelve years, working mostly in a combined nursing home/home care and emergency on a small island in Norway. Being a mother of two lovely kids, I value family a lot, and life/work balance is an important topic. Now that I am back in Denmark, where I was born, I have started to coach and impact the local community and nurses in Denmark and abroad. My primary focus is teaching the three principles of psychology, which are also the new principles of nursing.

“Our innate health is already doing our job, and it is never going to quit. It can never break down. Knowing deeply how it works, is going to change every nurse from the inside and, eventually, the whole system.”


My vision for healthcare is a place where you find loving joyful nurses and doctors, pointing healthy patients to look in the direction of their own innate health to see that they already have it.

Teresa Walding

Teresa Walding

“Teresa has been an absolute inspiration to me as a mentor in the Advancing Holistic Health program and beyond! She lovingly leads others to find their own insights and truths for themselves. Learning the resiliency paradigm from Teresa changed my life forever. I now see life from a different, clearer lense, feeling lighter, calmer and more peaceful with a gentle inner strength and knowing that is hard to describe in words. I can confidently recommend her as a coach and advisor!”

Kristen Reed, BSN, RN

Board-Certified Nurse Coach | Consultant | Mentor | Teacher

I am a Registered Nurse with almost 30 years of experience, including ICU, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, Geriatric Psych, Pediatric Home Health, and Post Anesthesia Recovery.

After suffering for five years from chronic pain and job and life dissatisfaction, I was exhausted. I decided to go to the doctor and see what was wrong. After almost a year of appointments and still no answers, I felt defeated. Maybe this was just going to be my life from now on. I didn’t want to stop there, so I continued to search. I needed relief, but I didn’t know where to turn. It was at this low point in my life that I learned about The Three Principles of human psychology, presented by Dr. Keith Blevens, at the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) conference in October 2015, hosted by the CenTex chapter AHNA where I am the chapter co-leader.

The insight into how I had been using my thinking to create my life profoundly shifted my perception in a moment. The insight was so powerful that it sent shockwaves down my back and out of my hands and feet, and my pain disappeared. I was left with a feeling of peace, love, and lightness that I had never experienced before. At that moment, I knew I had to share The Three Principles with other nurses. At the same conference, my friend Lyn McCright had a similar vision; we decided to bring the Three Principles to nursing through a new board certification, nurse coaching.

We opened the Advancing Nurse Coaching Program in June 2016, where I am the Associate Director.

In 2022 Lyn and I became adjunct faculty at Texas Wesleyan University to teach the Advancing Nurse Coaching program, solely based on the Three Principles, to family nurse practitioners and doctorate students.

My vision is for nurses worldwide to come together with an understanding of The Resilience Principles. To build a community of nurses who aspire to be a better version of themselves, live with more ease, to have a quieter mind. and thrive.

I enjoy spending time writing, coaching, mentoring, teaching, speaking, and sharing the Three Principles with nurses worldwide.

Is this course for me?

Please answer these questions for clarity.

The content may be new to you, but all it takes is being open and curious.

We will provide a safe space for
Listening deeply

Find the source of your innate
through your own words & experiences.

This course is providing you with a stronger connection to your true self.

You will be able to go back to work, refueled and energized.

Get things done effortlessly and still have time for yourself.

Ready to experience this for yourself?

First live session:
Sunday, February 19th

7 am PT | 10 am ET | 3 pm GMT | 4 pm CET
Same hours every Sunday.

Second session: February 26

Third session: March 5

Fourth session: March 12

Fifth session: March 19

Sixth session: March 26

Seventh session: April 2

Eighth session: April 16

ALL sessions will be recorded and sent to participants.
Interaction through a private Facebook group.

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